PEM Type SCN™ Self-clinching spinning nut is a one-piece, flanged hex nut that installs by simply pressing it into a properly sized pre-punched straight hole. The controlled clinching action permanently captivates the nut in the panel yet leaves it to spin freely.
Above the sheet, the part appears identical to flanged hex nuts, while on the other side, the part remains flush or sub-flush. This installation and the fastener’s flat flange ensure that the clamp load is generated between the two mating pieces. There is no interference from the nut.
The spinning clinch nut eliminates loose hardware such as flange nuts. When used with a self-clinching stud, such as on a busbar, all loose hardware is eliminated from the applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Rotates freely in sheet
  • Hand or tool operation
  • Permanent installation into sheets as thin as 1.5mm/0.060”
  • Meets ISO 898-2, Class 8 proof load
  • Installs flush on one side
  • No complex hole preparation
  • Replaces loose hardware
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