Heli-Coil metric power inserting tools are available in coarse and fine sizes up thru 12mm for rapid installation of standard and screw-lock inserts, reducing as sembly costs substantially. Strip feed power tools are available in sizes up thru 7mm. They speed up assembly, eliminate waste and permit an accurate count.
Power tools consist of a Front End Assembly, an Adapter and a reversible Air Motor. All three components are ordered individually. A front end assembly con sists of a prewinder, mandrel and spacers. Select an Adapter that is compatible with the Air Motor to be used, and for the size range up thru 6mm or the size range 7mm thru 12mm.
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N/A {0} {QUOTE} N/A M8 x 1.25
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N/A {0} {QUOTE} N/A M12 x 1.75
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