The Flange Insert in addition to having all of the design features of the Standard Insert, has a flange with a large bearing surface. The flange can be used to make an electrical contact or to fasten a terminal connector. The flange can also be used to join mating parts by inserting the body of the insert through the mating part and into the receiving hole in the parent material. The insert is excellent for use in thin- section applications since the flange absorbs much of the installation force.

  • Same superior design characteristics as Standard Expansion Inserts
  • Simple installations

    The test data should be considered as average values for the general families of plastics indicated. Critical application requirements may necessitate further specific testing. The values shown are for Standard Expansion Inserts. These values would also apply to Flange and Clinch Inserts of comparable lengths.
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List Price

Thread Size

A - Diameter ±0.08

B - Minimum Threaded Length

L - Installed Length ±0.10

C - Flange Diameter ±0.08

D - Flange Diameter ±0.03

N/A {0} {QUOTE} N/A M3 x 0.5 N/A 3.96 mm N/A 3.71 mm N/A 5.60 mm N/A 5.56 mm N/A 4.01 mm
N/A {0} {QUOTE} N/A M3.5 x 0.6 N/A 4.78 mm N/A 5.31 mm N/A 7.10 mm N/A 6.35 mm N/A 4.82 mm
N/A {0} {QUOTE} N/A M4 x 0.7 N/A 5.56 mm N/A 5.31 mm N/A 7.10 mm N/A 7.14 mm N/A 5.61 mm
N/A {0} {QUOTE} N/A M5 x 0.8 N/A 6.35 mm N/A 6.10 mm N/A 8.00 mm N/A 7.95 mm N/A 6.40 mm
N/A {0} {QUOTE} N/A M6 x 1 N/A 7.95 mm N/A 9.27 mm N/A 11.10 mm N/A 10.31 mm N/A 8.00 mm
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