• Installed ultrasonically or with heat
  • Two lengths to choose from allowing design flexibility
  • Diagonal knurls & undercuts provide superior assembly strength
  • Excellent design for automated systems

With single diamond knurl.
ABS Rotation - screw failed
Polycarbonate Rotation - screw failed
Structural Foam Rotation - screw failed
Unit of Measure


On Hand

N/A {0}

Thread Size

N/A #0-80


N/A Long

A - Diameter ±.005

N/A .141 in a1041.jpg

B - Diameter ±.004

N/A .112 in

L - Length ±.004

N/A .188 in

C - Diameter ±.001

N/A .107 in

D - Diameter ±.001

N/A .123 in

Minimum Boss Diameter

N/A .282 in

ABS Rotation

N/A 65 oz·in

ABS Tensile

N/A 162 lb

Polycarbonate Rotation

N/A 70 oz·in

Polycarbonate Tensile

N/A 258 lb

Structural Foam Rotation

N/A 70 oz·in

Structural Foam Tensile

N/A 224 lb

Nylon 6/6 30% G.F. Rotation

N/A 65 oz·in

Nylon 6/6 30% G.F. Tensile

N/A 198 lb

N/A Dodge Ultraserts can be installed using ultrasonic equipment (moderate to high production) or thermal installation equipment (prototype work and low quantity production). Thermal equipment can be as simple as a soldering iron held by hand or mounted in an arbor or drill press. More refined equipment is available with adjustments and settings for precise uniform installations.