• Installed ultrasonically or with heat
  • Two lengths to choose from allowing design flexibility
  • Diagonal knurls & undercuts provide superior assembly strength
  • Excellent design for automated systems
    The test data should be considered as average values for the general families of plastics indicated. Critical application requirements may necessitate further specific testing. The plastic material failed in all cases except where noted.
Unit of Measure


On Hand

N/A {0}

Thread Size

N/A #6-32


N/A Long

A - Diameter ±.005

N/A .219 in a1041.jpg

B - Diameter ±.004

N/A .190 in

L - Length ±.004

N/A .250 in

C - Diameter ±.001

N/A .185 in

D - Diameter ±.001

N/A .206 in

Minimum Boss Diameter

N/A .438 in

ABS Rotation

N/A 25 lb·in

ABS Tensile

N/A 370 lb

Polycarbonate Rotation

N/A 45 lb·in

Polycarbonate Tensile

N/A 661 lb

Structural Foam Rotation

N/A 31 lb·in

Structural Foam Tensile

N/A 487 lb

Nylon 6/6 30% G.F. Rotation

N/A 34 lb·in

Nylon 6/6 30% G.F. Tensile

N/A 509 lb

N/A Dodge Ultraserts can be installed using ultrasonic equipment (moderate to high production) or thermal installation equipment (prototype work and low quantity production). Thermal equipment can be as simple as a soldering iron held by hand or mounted in an arbor or drill press. More refined equipment is available with adjustments and settings for precise uniform installations.