• Mounting Space Minimum 30" [762.0mm]
  • Brackets Variable height, Inboard/Outboard
  • Tilt Plate Adjust at -7°, -3.5°, and neutral (flat)

  • Detents Closed, typing, and full open positions
  • Ergonomic design
  • Slides fully concealed from view
  • All rough edges and pinch points eliminated
  • No transfer of grease
  • Variable height mounting brackets
  • Rubber bumpers prevent tilt plate rattling
  • Removable full-width gel palm rest
  • Large tray width provides unhanded mouse surface
  • Brackets mounted inboard or outboard provide installation flexibility
  • Accommodates any size keyboard by removing palm rest
  • Intermediate detent allows user closer proximity to work surface
  • Tilt plate provides added adjustability at -7°, -3.5°, and neutral (flat)
  • Rear storage compartments keep office supplies within reach and out of sight
  • Slides fully extend to provide complete access to rear storage compartments
  • Cable management fixtures incorporated in rear of tray
Unit of Measure


On Hand

N/A {0}


N/A 19.812 in503.20 mm


N/A 29.594 in751.70 mm

Slide Travel for Typing

N/A 10.281 in261.10 mm

Slide Travel Fully Open

N/A 15.281 in388.10 mm


N/A Black powder-coated

Inside Tray Width

N/A 25.500 in647.70 mm

Inside Tray Depth

N/A 8.594 in218.30 mm

N/A For metal or wood furniture in home office furniture and office workstation desktops.