The front and rear hat sections shown here are identical. They are required for all 20 Series slide installations.
The vertical cut-out at the front of the rear hat section accepts the rear cabinet member tab of all 20 Series models.
The vertical cut-out at the back of the front hat section accepts the anti-lift tab on Model 2120.
Set back = Thickness of inset drawer front where applicable + .12" [3.1 mm] clearance.
Unit of Measure


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N/A 9.500 in12.50 in15.500 in241.30 mm317.50 mm393.70 mm a1509.jpg

N/A Slide Installation

  • Place the rear cabinet member tab into rear hat section slot and slide back.
  • Press down on slide until cabinet member tab fully engages front hat section slot. The retention lug above the tab should lock against the top edge of the cut-out.
  • On Model 2120, the anti-lift tab will snap into the rear vertical cut-out.
  • Extend slides.
  • Place the rear drawer tab into the rear drawer member slot and slide back.
  • Lower the front of the drawer until the drawer tab fully engages the slide pocket and snaps into place.
Slide Removal
  • For Models 3320, 3620, and 3820, remove drawer reversing the installation procedure. Twist cabinet member to disengage anti-lift feature.
  • For Model 2120, remove drawer, then using a finger or screwdriver, depress the cabinet member anti-lift tab inward.
  • Lift slide to remove