The multi-bowl insertion option consists of a single PEMSERTER® Series 3000® automatic fastener-installation press equipped with the QX™ Turret Tool system and up to three expansion bowls. With this set-up, a single operator can install up to four different types and/or sizes of nuts, studs, and standoffs in automatic feed mode with no tooling changes.

This four bowl system is more cost-effective, more reliable, easier to operate, and provides more manufacturing flexibility than a single machine with four fixed bowls. For more information on productivity savings and increased production throughput using the Series 3000 multi-bowl set-up, please contact your local PEMSERTER dealer.

Features and Benefits
  • One-time part handling to install multiple fasteners.
  • Incrementally field upgradeable.
  • Universal tooling - no tooling change required during operation.
  • Can automatically feed multiple insertions of four types of fasteners.
  • Large capacity feeder bowls.
  • Same features and benefits of a PEMSERTER® Series 3000® press.
Unit of Measure

Electric Requirements

N/A 120V 60Hz or 230V 50Hz

Air Requirements

N/A 6 to 7 bar / 90 to 100 psi


N/A 118.75 cm46.75 in


N/A 50.80 cm20.00 in


N/A 78.74 cm31.00 in