The dual bowl expansion cart option and the QX™ Turret Tool system for use on the PEMSERTER® Series 2000® automatic fastener-installation press system provide a quick and efficient method to quickly change between anvil tools while handling the work piece to install different fasteners. With the use of the second bowl on the expansion cart and the QX™ Turret Tool System, you can install up to four different fasteners; two in automatic feed mode, and two in manual feed mode. A third bowl on a second expansion cart can also be added for appropriate applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Four position color-coded, two positions are autofeed, remaining two manual load with color-coded fastener tray.
  • Touch screen setup for all four stations including selection of installation force and number of fasteners to be installed per work-piece.
  • Once set-up, the press will not allow you to install a fastener out of sequence. Only properly installed fasteners are counted. Operator is notified by visual and/or audible signal that the chosen quantity of fasteners has been installed at that location and the turret automatically rotates to the next. When the work-piece is complete the turret rotates to the start location ready to begin the next work-piece.
Unit of Measure