For higher productivity and ease of operation, add up to two bowl expansion carts and the QX™ Turret Tool system to the PEMSERTER® Series 3000™ or Series 2000® press for a quick and efficient method to quickly change between anvil tools. With the use of the second and/or third bowl and the QX™ Turret Tool System, you can install up to four different fasteners; two or three in automatic feed mode, and the remainder in manual feed mode.
  • Operation: Automatic rotation (on Series 3000 press) and automatic/manual rotation (on Series 2000 press) with pneumatic position lock.
  • Configuration: 4 position color-coded, one position (Green) auto-feed, remaining three manual load with color-coded fastener tray.
  • Touch Screen Setup for all four stations including selection of installation force and number of fasteners to be installed per work-piece.
  • Ability to save multiple jobs for future quick set-ups.
  • Only good installs are counted. Once set up, the QX™ job will not allow you to install a fastener out of sequence. Operator is notified by visual and or audible signal to rotate turret to next location or that the workpiece is complete per the QX™ job setup.
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