Dodge Miniature Inserts are designed to meet the requirements of today's electronic, telecommunications and computer markets. The trend towards more miniaturized and compact consumer products has necessitated the use of smaller screws which must be reusable without the possibility of thread damage. Dodge Miniature Inserts provide the strong, reusable threads designers need. They are avail able in two styles. The symmetrical style is designed for high production. They can be loaded and fed through automatic installation equipment without the need for special orientation. This eliminates the time required for orientation, which lowers overall cost by increasing productivity. The flanged style insert provides a larger bearing surface for electrical contact and greater strength in weaker plastics. Both inserts are designed with opposing diagonal knurls and undercuts for exceptional rotational and tensile strength. They can be installed with heat or molded in.

  • Available in flanged and symmetrical styles
  • Lead in pilot positions insert for installation
  • Designed for installation into straight holes
  • Can be molded in or installed with heat
Unit of Measure


On Hand

N/A {0}

Thread Size

N/A M1.6 x 0.35

A - Diameter ±0.10

N/A 2.50 mm

B - Diameter ±0.08

N/A 2.06 mm

L - Length ±0.13

N/A 3.00 mm

D - Diameter +0.05 -0.00

N/A 2.14 mm

Minimum Boss Diameter

N/A 4.63 mm