• ProSet® 1600/MCS

    The ProSet® 1600 is the smallest and lightest of the POP® blind rivet tool family. The ProSet® 1600 is designed to facilitate blind rivet installation in applications with limited access. An optional Mandrel Collection System (MCS) version is available.

  • PRG/MCS 510A

    This simple, effective pneumatic tool is small, lightweight and has a solid cast aluminum construction. An optional Mandrel Collection System (MCS) version is also available. The PRG/MCS 511A offers an extended nose housing (1-7/8" larger then 510A) for extra reach and improved access.

  • PRG/MCS 540

    The heavy-duty, pneumatic-hydraulic 540 is extremely strong and robust as a result of the solid cast construction. As such, it is unbeatable for efficient riveting on mass-production lines. It comes standard as a PRG version. An optional Mandrel Collection System (MCS) version is also available.

  • PRT/MCS 5400

    Offering a number of options to meet customer requirements, the 5400 family members are all capable of setting the entire range of POP® blind rivets. The 5400 features light trigger action, ease of handling and an air line attached at the tool centerline for less resistance to operator movement. The Long Stroke version, PRT/MCS 5400 LS, provides a stroke of 26mm for setting longer and more specialized rivets.

  • ProSet® 2100/MCS

    The newest innovation in blind riveting is the ProSet® family of rivet tools. The ProSet® provides leading industry enhancements, such as its patent-pending Auto Shut-Off Mandrel Collection System (MCS) designed to conserve air consumption when the tool is not in use. While incorporating the latest in ergonomic design, the patent-pending front end requires no tools for removal during routine maintenance and is a first in the industry. The ProSet® 2101 offers a reduced nose housing diameter (0.689”) for narrow access applications. The ProSet® tool is capable of setting rivets from 1/8”-3/16”.
    Quick and easy jaw service without tools.

  • PRT/MCS 5250A

    The 5250A In-Line Riveter offers a range of features contributing to new standards in operator comfort and ease of movement. This style of setting tool accommodates the natural movements associated with vertical riveting operations at assembly benches or work stations. The 5251A offers a reduced nose housing diameter for limited access applications. The MCS model is equipped with a large capacity remote mandrel collection container (MCS5000)

  • MCS 5800

    Ideal for site and maintenance work, the cordless 12 Volt MCS 5800 also expands options on the production line allowing blind rivets to be installed at assembly stations where there is no convenient available air supply.
    Designed and constructed to withstand industrial conditions, the MCS 5800 is easy to use, well balanced and comfortable. The high-capacity, rechargeable battery pack has the endurance to set up to 1900 rivets and can be recharged in just an hour

  • PowerLink Leverlite™

    POP® rivets sizes where power is not available. Durable cast body construction and long handles make it easier to set up to a 1/4" diameter rivet in all materials. Long 5.9" (15mm) nose housing improves access and versatility. Equipped with wrench & nosepieces to set 1/8", 5/32", 3/16",1/4" standard rivets and 1/4" T-Rivet®.

  • PowerLink Plus™

    All steel compact design linkage for improved strength and longevity this manual tool is ideal where lateral space is limited. Features a stroke adjustment lock-nut on the nose housing to set up to 1/4" rivets. Includes interchangeable 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" and 1/4" nosepieces and wrench.

  • POP Research and Development Kit

    Backup Plate

  • POP Marine Kit

    Plug for 3/16" Aluminum Rivet

  • Rivet Presenter
  • PowerLink 30® Repair Kit