• PEMSERTER Series 3000™ press

    The new PEMSERTER® Series 3000™ automatic feed fastener-installation press can install self-clinching fasteners up to 30% faster than traditional systems to deliver comparable productivity gains. This press provides 71.2 kN / 8 tons of force and a 61 cm / 24" throat depth and has full servo electromechanical actuation technology to provide significant improvement in operating consistency, improved reliability, increased efficiencies and minimized maintenance. Total elimination of hydraulic fluids provides an environmentally friendly system.

    The Series 3000 press introduces "clean" technology without hydraulics to install all types of self-clinching fasteners rapidly, accurately, and permanently. The electromechanical servo drive optimizes ram function to achieve ideal and repeatable speed and force for proper fastener installation.

    Among features, PC-based programming interfaces with Windows operating platforms for job versatility and customization. Menu-driven touch-screen controls, descriptive screen alerts, and an on-screen multi-media instructional video contribute to user-friendly operation and quick learning. Data logging capabilities allow for performance monitoring. A patented LIGHTSTREAM® Operator Safety System provides a continuous safeguard by ensuring ram force is applied only to fasteners.

    All auto feed tooling used on the Series 2000 press can be used on the Series 3000 press.

    Features and Benefits

    • "Optimized Motion Profiles". Eliminates need for "dwell time" and providesoptimal fastener insertion.
    • PC Based Programming. Push button, menu driven, touch screen control system.
    • Robot Ready. Robot interface is standard.
    • Remote Monitoring. Monitoring and troubleshooting through ethernet compatibility.
    • Data Logging. Internal data for force and distance is measured and stored within the machine. Data collected can be downloaded to Windows operating platforms for QC documentation.
    • Multiple Pictures of Single Workpiece. Digital pictures of workpiece for clarification of insertion points.
    • Multi Language Capable. Screen commands standard in twelve languages.
    • Technical Videos. Pre-loaded on-screen video instructions for machine set-up and tooling changeover.

  • PEMSERTER® Series 3000MB™ Automatic Multi-Bowl Insertion Press

    The multi-bowl insertion option consists of a single PEMSERTER® Series 3000® automatic fastener-installation press equipped with the QX™ Turret Tool system and up to three expansion bowls. With this set-up, a single operator can install up to four different types and/or sizes of nuts, studs, and standoffs in automatic feed mode with no tooling changes.

    This four bowl system is more cost-effective, more reliable, easier to operate, and provides more manufacturing flexibility than a single machine with four fixed bowls. For more information on productivity savings and increased production throughput using the Series 3000 multi-bowl set-up, please contact your local PEMSERTER dealer.

    Features and Benefits

    • One-time part handling to install multiple fasteners.
    • Incrementally field upgradeable.
    • Universal tooling - no tooling change required during operation.
    • Can automatically feed multiple insertions of four types of fasteners.
    • Large capacity feeder bowls.
    • Same features and benefits of a PEMSERTER® Series 3000® press.